How to get your child to be responsible for their pet

How to get your child to be responsible for their pet

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Adults tend to think that children will not understand certain things. However, children understand everything. So before buying or adopting a pet, it is essential to talk with them about the responsibilities that come with it.

We give you some tips to get the child to be responsible with his pet and get involved in your daily care.

Children must take care of their pet. The dog or any other type of animal is not a toy that they can use and put aside according to their interest. And it is precisely the parents who are responsible for generating in their child this feeling of responsibility. How? Here are up to 5 tips to get your child to care for and love their pet:

1. Involve them in the search process: From before the pet arrives home, as long as you do not want it to be a surprise, it is recommended that the child also participate in the choice of the animal. In this way, you begin to generate a very special bond in him. The pet that the child also wanted will come home.

2. Teach them by example: Without a doubt, the greatest reference for children are their parents. If you teach by example, your child will understand how the animal should be treated.

3. Tell them that they must do certain tasks: Perhaps your child is trying to 'get rid' of some obligations to his pet. You can create a table of essential tasks that should not be circumvented. In this way, you will have to respect certain tasks. Just as you make a series of rules very clear, you should also do it in reference to the care of the pet.

4. You can involve him in caring for the pet: This will be in relation to the age of the child, obviously. Younger children can brush him, feed him and even accompany him to the vet. If the child is older, you can take care of his walk and help the parents educate him once he gets home.

5. Show him who is the animal for the family: Remember that the pet is another member of the family. You must strengthen your child's bond with their pet, just as the bond between parents and children is enhanced.

Children love that we give them responsibilities. They feel older, and they are perfectly capable of doing it. Feel free to delegate certain tasks related to pet care to him. In this way you will be promoting the essential value of responsibility in your child while generating a very special bond and friendship between the child and his pet.

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