How to teach the child not to be a liar

How to teach the child not to be a liar

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At some point in your child's childhood he will tell you a lie, and depending on how old your child is, that lie can be more or less sophisticated. Children usually when they lie they always do it for some reason, which although it is not justifiable will help you understand why they do it and also, to be better able to teach you not to be a liar.

Sometimes the lie appears to avoid hurting someone's feelings, other times to protect themselves from possible negative consequences for something they have done or said before, etc. Up to six years it is difficult for children to differentiate between reality and fantasy, so it is necessary to help them understand and it is from the age of six that children begin to know thedifference between good and eviland they need guidance not to lie.

The first thing you will have to do is find out what is happening and find out why he has chosen to lie. Sometimes the lies can be to attract attention, due to lack of self-esteem, emotional deficiencies, etc. It is important that if you discover that your child is lying, you do not accuse him of being a liar or ridicule him because otherwise his self-esteem will be seriously damaged.

If you discover him in a lie do not talk to your child in public about it, It is better to wait until you are alone so that you can lovingly explain that you know that he has been lying and that this can have negative consequences since lies are not tolerated in any way. In addition, it would be very important that you make your child see the importance of honesty and sincerity in the family with daily activities.

If you know that your child is lying to you, while doing so you should take a deep breath and above all, follow these tips that will help you manage the situation:

1. Stay calm.

2. Don't take lying personally, take it as an opportunity to teach your child great lessons about honesty and sincerity.

3. Find out why your child is lying, such as so as not to upset you.

4. Explain to your child why it is wrong to lie. Point out to your child that telling the truth even if they don't like it is honorable but lying about mistakes or other reasons will always be unacceptable.

5. Focus on the motive and not the lie.

6. Decide reasonable consequences without making them too harsh.

7. Tell him you love him, this will help him develop awareness and regret the lying behavior.

With all this and little by little, you will make your child realize that it is better not to lie and will be, little by little, more sincere.

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