Do firearms defend children or kill them?

Do firearms defend children or kill them?

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Almost 6,000 children a year were hospitalized in just U.S because of a firearm. No matter what the news of the month is, the United States still believes that it lives in a country of cowboys and indians and that a gun in his hand is the only way to reach an agreement among his fellow citizens.

So alarming is the number of deaths between minors from 1 to 17 years for this reason, which is one of the main causes of infant mortality in that country. 90% of children under 14 years of age murdered in the world with Firearms It is in the United States, which invites reflection Do firearms defend children or kill them?

The truth is that death by firearm among children in developed countries it is almost non-existent, which opens many debates about the type of education that is given in the United States.

Americans justify this love of firearms as a tradition. They try to instill in the population and in their own children, quite naturally, that the only way to defend themselves and do justice is with a firearm in hand, something that makes us rethink the phrase “developed country”.

The point is that they don't exist official data how many weapons are there in the United States, or how many people die from it; It does not suit governments if they want to continue to justify their belonging to houses and their use; but there are studies of non-governmental organizations that show breathtaking facts, and the news that comes from there that corroborates these data.

In the latest polls, everything indicates that in the United States there are more guns than citizens, and that between 30 and 55% of households have a firearm. This translates into a real data: North America is the country with the highest number of gun homicides.

This should already be a fairly obvious factor for many to wonder whether firearms really defend them or the opposite, but when the data speak of children injured by this cause the choice is even clearer.

In the United States, a child is most likely before 15 years has been in contact with a firearm, played with her, or at least curious. We do not have to have it in our own home, because surely there will be one at a friend's house.

Children are curious and when they are very young they don't know how to distinguish between reality and fiction, which becomes doubly dangerous.

Here are some data to ponder:

- Minors under 15 who died by firearm were due to an accident, while minors between 15 and 19 who died by firearm were in robberies.

- 82% of the children killed were males.

- The Afro-descendants they are 10 times more likely to die from this cause.

- 90% of those under 14 years of age murdered in the world with firearms it is in the United States.

- Most are accidents that occur while playing.

- In recent years, suicides with firearms in minors have increased by 60%.

After these data, do firearms really protect our children or are they the ones that kill them? Such a simple reflection should not pose a problem to the country that is hailed as the world's leading power.

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