The eagle and the roosters. Traditional fable for children

The eagle and the roosters. Traditional fable for children

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The fables they serve so that we can teach children wrong behaviors and values that can have negative repercussions in our lives. It is a didactic and entertaining learning that they usually understand perfectly.

The eagle and the roosters is a traditional fable by Aesop in which it is intended to show a wise teaching: We must not bragging too much in front of our peers and that humility is a value that we must bear in mind.

Two roosters were fighting to decide who was boss in the henhouse.

At last one was victorious and, presumptuous, climbed a wall singing as loudly as he could while the vanquished hid.

When he saw him perched there, an eagle flying over the corral caught him in its claws.

Since then, the losing rooster remained as the king of the henhouse.

Moral: If you flaunt your successes, it may appear who will snatch them from you.

Reading comprehension is one of the most important steps in learning of the reading.

Understanding the entire text is essential for the child to be able tomotivate with reading.

With these simple questions You will be able to find out if your son has understood Aesop's fable.

- Why did the winning rooster get on the wall?

- What did the rooster do that he lost?

- What happened to the winning rooster?

- Who was the king of the chicken coop?

- Why do you think that happened to him?

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