International Asperger Syndrome Day

On February 18 theInternational Asperger Syndrome Day. Children with Asperger syndrome have a normal or even above average appearance and intelligence, have a particular cognitive style and special abilities in restricted areas. However, they lack social skills, and although they would like to make friends, they lack intuition and empathy. Together we can help them to integrate.

Since I saw the movie Rain Man, starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman, who plays an autistic man with highly developed math skills, I have understood much better the reality of children with Asperger Syndrome. And is that autism and Asperger's are two similar disorders, but with great differences.

What is curious and interesting at the same time is that children with Asperger's present an alteration in the processing of information and have areas of special interest, which make them be interested in specific intellectual areas such as mathematics or science. They show an exaggerated interest in some subjects. However, these interests can change over time or persist as the basis for a profession.

Children diagnosed with Asperger syndrome are a special challenge at school as they lack the social skills to fit into a group. Generally, they are considered eccentric and peculiar by their classmates, to which is added a certain awkwardness and an obsessive interest in strange subjects. Most of the children with Asperger's have a medium or medium-high intelligence and a very high mechanical memory capacity. So when they focus exclusively on one of their preferred areas of interest can achieve great success.

Despite their good intellectual ability, children with Aspeger syndrome they don't like going to school because they don't understand human relationships well and are emotionally vulnerable. Their lack of ability to accept changes makes these children easily stressed. However, unlike children with autism, children with Asperger Syndrome have a desire for friends and are frustrated and disillusioned by their social difficulties: they lack empathy to understand the needs of others in an affective way and respond appropriately. appropriate way.

On the other hand, they use pedantic or overly formal language, are very concrete and literal, do not understand jokes or laugh out of time. Some are hyperverbal, speak excessively with strange tones and high voices, which interferes with their social interactions and causes people to withdraw from them.

For this reason, it is very important protect the child at school against teasing and intimidation, educating their classmates about the characteristics of children with Asperger's syndrome so that they understand them much better. It is also important to avoid isolation, since most children with Asperger's want to have friends, teaching them how to react to different social situations, providing them with a repertoire of responses to use in different situations, since children with Asperger syndrome They have no intuition or social instinct and must learn social skills in an intellectual way.

Marisol New. Editor of our site

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