Phrases for children about caring for nature

Phrases for children about caring for nature

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Phrases for your children to reflect on the importance of protecting the environment


Gil Scott -Heron was a musician of the 70s who used the lyrics of his songs to vindicate a more just society, and make what absurd that we can be men.

The love of nature was a constant vindication in those years, as well as the incongruities of modern life, television and the consumerism.

The economy and industrial and technological development of man have caused major environmental disasters.

The money it has been able on many occasions on the conscience of men, who have succumbed forgetting the most important values ​​and respect for nature.

The nature He gives us everything we need to live in harmony, but if you demand too much of it, it will turn against us.

You have to know how to take what they give you without being greedy. A wise phrase from Mahatma Gandhi.

This is a phrase from the North American Indians Cree, who already predicted for years the disease of the earth caused by the greed of men.

Native Americans loved nature and lived in harmony with it. For them it was something sacred that had to be cared for and preserved forever.

Knowing how to listen to the cries of danger that nature emits is important to be able to help it.

The rivers are polluted, deforested forests and the atmosphere is full of substances that are harmful to health. If we do not listen to nature, we may not know how to stop the consequences on the planet in time.

Everything we do and let's mistreat nature he will repay us in spades.

We must not forget that nature feeds us and is the place where we live, if we destroy or contaminate it, we will end up suffering the consequences in ourselves.

Who is the savage, the one who lives in harmony and in respect with nature, or the one who, being the basis of his livelihood and the place where he lives, destroys it as if it were not his own?

Men are infinitely more ignorant than the animals themselves.

The politics Unfortunately it spends very little effort on caring for the environment.

Nature is used by politicians as a means to achieve votesHowever, it is one of the great forgotten in their future programs.

Nature must be respected by man and so we must instill it in children.

The american indians They were faithful protectors of nature, and they were peoples who lived in communion with it because they knew that it was the only way to survive throughout the centuries.

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