Stories with dogs for children. Children's literature with values

The dog is undoubtedly one of the favorite animals of children. The little ones love their docility, their fidelity and the way they express themselves so easily without words. Therefore, dog stories are ideal to capture the attention of the little ones.

Since, We have prepared a selection of the best stories with dogs for children. Most of them are very short stories with great teaching. Use them to talk with your child about the essential values ​​that he must promote throughout his life.

Children learn by imitation, and although it is true that they have the maximum reference in their parents, dogs are capable of creating a lot of empathy in children. They are docile and very appreciative pets, which is why children like them so much.

These stories have dogs as protagonists, which will make your child pay more attention and understand the message of the story you are reading more easily. Take advantage of the values ​​transmitted by these stories or tales with dogs to talk with your child about values ​​such as generosity, cooperation, effort or empathy.

Story of the dog Noa. We suggest that you read with your children this beautiful children's story about pets: Story of the dog Noa. It is a children's story about dogs that tells what happens and how some children feel when their dog is lost.

The stable dog. Children's, popular and traditional stories for children. New stories from our readers. The story The Dog in the Stable tells of the consequences of teasing children. Children's stories are a good resource to educate children. With this story, children can learn how important it is not to make fun of anyone.

Simon and his flea. To make children understand the value of friends in childhood, we suggest that you read this touching story, Simon and his flea, a children's story about friendship that you can later comment as a family to extract all its meaning.

Shiva, a lucky dog. This story is based on a true story. That of a dog named Shiva, abandoned in Argentina, and taken in by a family from Argentina, and brought to Spain. A story with a very happy ending.

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