The deer, the spring and the lion. Fable about gratitude for children

The deer, the spring and the lion. Fable about gratitude for children

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Through fables we can teach the child important moral values ​​such as: gratitude, justice, perseverance or love.

In the classic fable of La Fontaine The deer, the spring and the lion it is intended to explain the importance of not underestimate our qualities, however small and insignificant they may seem to us, since they are the ones that can give us the most help.

When contemplating a deer in the river, felt proud of his beautiful antlers. However, he felt very displeased with his legs, which seemed to him weak and thin.

As I pondered his qualities, a Lion that started chasing him. He ran and was safe thanks to his legs. As you enter the forest, your horns they caught themselves in the branches and, in a short time of pursuit, the lion had it within his grasp.

When i was about to To die, the deer exclaimed to himself:

- Fool me! I didn't like my legs, which could save me, and I was proud of my horns, which are the ones that lose me.

Moral: Sometimes we despise what helps us the most.

Fables contain a message to ponder. Ask your child reading comprehension questions these simple questions to check if the child has understood the message of the fable.

- What did the deer like about himself?

- What didn't you like the deer on your body?

- Why did the lion hunt the deer?

- What are the last words of the deer?

- What do you dislike about yourself and why?

- Do you think that what you don't like could help you at some point?

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