Why do dogs smell their tails? Mexican legend for kids

Why do dogs smell their tails? Mexican legend for kids

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Legends bring us stories full of magic. Many try to explain apparent mysteries of Nature or of the animals that surround us. For example, this Mexican legend, explain to the children why dogs sniff each other's tails to recognize each other, a gesture that the little ones find very curious.

Discover with the legend 'Why do dogs smell their tails' the meaning of a gesture so common among dogs and answer the reading comprehension questions with your child to find the most important message in the story. The answer to this question is going to surprise you!

Legend has it that many, many years ago, in a small town in Mexico, the local dogs were very sad. They were very kind and behaved with great fidelity towards humans: they always accompanied them, they were by their side, they helped them in the field tasks ...

Dogs thus became the most loyal animals to humans. And yet they were sad. You know why? Because even though they tried to behave better and better with humans, many of them mistreated them or simply showed them indifference or contempt.

To talk about this problem, one day, dozens of dogs met in Assembly. They considered that it was a very unfair situation and they needed to find a solution. And after much talking, they came to this conclusion: they needed the help of the god Tiáloc.

At the end of the meeting, they wrote a letter to send to this god. But the most important thing remained. Who would be in charge of carrying the letter? The god Tiáloc lived very, very far ... They decided that it would have to be a dog with a very good nose to find the way. And they chose the best: a black dog, very young and muscular with an enviable nose.

How happy the dog was to be chosen for such an important mission! However, when he was about to leave, he asked about something he had not fallen into until then: and where would he keep the letter? After much thought, the oldest dog said:

- The best thing is that you keep it under the tail, because it is the safest place.

And so it was done. The little dog left happily for the home of the god Tiáloc.

But the years passed. And more and more years. And still, to this day, the black puppy has not returned from his mission. For this reason, since he left, the dogs smell their tails when they meet, to recognize if he is the messenger who returns with the letter from the god Tiáloc.

The story of 'Why do dogs smell their tails' to recognize each other makes us reflect on a very important underlying theme. Did your son understand? Help him by answering these reading comprehension questions with him:

- Why were the dogs in this story sad?

- What did the dogs decide to do to change that situation?

- Did the messenger return with the letter from the god Tiáloc?

- So .. why do dogs sniff each other's tails?

- Do you think that people can do something so that dogs stop being sad?

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